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Calendar – events

A calendar of events is available to download here. We do our best to inform you as early as possible about changes to this calendar, and will endeavour to update it throughout the year, but please be advised that it is subject to change. Please check with the school office if you are unsure about a particular event.


Bradley C of E Primary School  
Events Diary 2016 - 2017  
17.10.16 WOW Week  
20.10.16 Parents Evening and Open Day 2.00 to 6.00pm
21.10.16 INSET Day  
21.10.16 Term Ends  
31.10.16 Term Starts  
03.11.16 PTFA Meeting Shoulder of Mutton 7.45pm
11.11.16 Rememberance Day  
14.11.16 Tempest Photographer in school (Individual and family) 9.00am
14.11.16 Anti Bullying Week  
17.11.16 PTFA Christmas Food Delights £5 per ticket
02.12.16 PTFA Christmas Fair 3.30pm
02.12.16 Decoration Day  
07.12.16 Christmas Outing  
14.12.16 School Christmas Dinner  
16.12.16 Christmas Party  
19.12.16 INSET  
20.12.16 INSET  
20.12.16 Term Ends  
03.01.17 Term Starts  
10.01.17 Leisure Centre whole school pm  
13.01.17 PTFA Late Christmas Meal at Amaya 7.30pm
17.01.17 Leisure Centre whole school pm  
24.01.17 Leisure Centre whole school pm  
31.01.17 Leisure Centre whole school pm  
02.02.17 Young Voices Concert  
05.02.17 PTFA Roller World Outing 7.30pm
07.02.17 Leisure Centre whole school pm  
10.02.17 Term Ends  
20.02.17 Term Starts  
21.02.17 Leisure Centre whole school pm  
28.02.17 School Closes Early Part INSET  
01.03.17 School Closes Early Part INSET  
02.03.17 World Book Day  
02.03.17 Parents Meetings 2.00 to 6.00pm
07.03.17 Leisure Centre whole school pm  
14.03.17 Leisure Centre whole school pm  
21.03.17 Leisure Centre whole school pm  
31.03.17 PTFA Easter Bingo 6.30pm
07.04.17 Easter Egg Hunt  
07.04.17 Term Ends  
24.04.16 Term Starts  
08.05.16 KS2 SATs Week  
13.05.17 PTFA School Clear Up Day  
15.05.17 KS1 SATs Week  
19.05.17 Tempest Photographer in school (Group) 9.00am
26.05.17 Term Ends  
05.06.17 Term Starts  
09.06.17 PTFA Beetle Drive. 6.30pm
19.06.17 WOW Week - Sports  
23.06.17 Sports Day  
06.07.17 School Production  2pm
06.07.17 School Production  6pm
15.07.17 PTFA Summer Fair  
20.07.17 Leavers Concert 1.30pm
21.07.17 Leavers Church Service 9.00am
24.07.17 INSET  
24.07.17 Term Ends  
N.B. We will endeavour to keep times and dates correct, however they may be subject
  to change.